Summer 2016: June 21 to July 26


Founded in the summer of 2008, Robin’s Nest Camp provides a five-week environmental education experience for students from all walks of life. The camp’s programming is rooted in a deep philosophy of encouraging the development of students who are conscious of their footprint on the planet and in their communities. Students who attend Robin’s Nest enjoy outdoor excursions such as hiking and canoeing as well as involvement in the day-to-day operation of our large bio-dynamic garden and egg-layer chicken coop. Students take solar showers, use composting toilets and study the pressing issues their generation will have to tackle going forward.

Our program is designed to get kids into the great outdoors in order to learn more about sustainable living. While at camp, students spend approximately half their time climbing, hiking, paddling, camping and adventuring. The rest of their time is spent learning about sustainable living: composting, energy, animal husbandry and much more.

Even cooler, campers earn twenty service hours per week by working for the Town of Sullivan, ME and The Frenchman’s Bay Conservancy. Students develop leadership skills by directing service projects. You will not find another youth camp experience like this one.

Why Environmental Education?

Fostering environmental education creates a platform to nurture an individual’s sense of wonder, imagination, and creativity; skills that can be put on the back burner of life. In fact, environmental education-focused experiences have been shown to enhance physical and intellectual development – in turn, increasing overall well-being and performance inside and outside the classroom. How does Robin’s Nest fit into all this? Robin’s Nest Camp is a project of the Maine Trust for Education in Conservation, a non-profit organization that focuses on spreading the message of environmental education in Maine communities and beyond. Our conservation ‘ethos’ materializes into a life-changing and fun summer experience. Our passion for conservation and sustainability is not just a statement on a website, or an unfulfilled promise to “go green,” it is Robin’s Nest’s central mission.

Students can expect to engage in both outdoor recreational and conservation-centric activities. Perhaps it’s experiencing Maine’s beautiful landscapes; scaling its grand mountains and/or swimming or paddling its lakes. Or perhaps, it’s a day in our vegetable garden or reading, writing or discussing pressing issues of sustainability, such as where our food comes from, how we meet our nation’s energy consumption needs, or the threats of pollution, over-population and exhaustion of our natural resources. All these big topics become less ‘scary’ and more ‘inspiring’ through hands-on camp adventures filled with activities that are both exciting and educational.

A Day in the Life

We are a small, family-run summer camp situated in the town of Sullivan, ME. Each year we have between 30 and 40 students who are supervised by approximately 10 adults. Students live in one of our 20 person bunkhouses and eat home-cooked meals in our mess hall. A day on campus might look like this:

  • photo-1477506410535-f12fe9af97ccWake up call at 7:30 AM with breakfast at 8:00
  • Morning “challenge” (generally a physical activity)
  • Two hours of programing. (For example, students might be building a solar shower or researching the viability of wind power in Maine.)
  • Lunch
  • Two hours of programing
  • Swimming or another recreational activity
  • Dinner
  • Student led night-time activities (plays, talent shows, games, etc.)

On other days we might be “off campus” all day on a field trip into the community or on a natured-focused adventure. In these cases, we pack our lunches and head on out! One of our favorite hikes is the Bold Coast in Lubec. We are located nearby Acadia National Park and the Donnell Pond Conservation Site, so there are many mountains to be hiked and many cool, clean ponds and lakes to be explored!

The cost for 5 weeks at camp is $3,000. This includes ground transportation and meals. All students who fly in must use the Bangor International Airport.

For more information and to register, please fill out the Registration form to the right, click on the Register link in main menu OR email: rmberard50@gmail.com, directly.


We are grateful to all of the incredible organizations and individuals that make the Robin’s Nest Camp experience possible. Here are a few of our most valued partners:

  • Town of Sullivan, Maine: Each summer our students complete service projects for the town. They have been involved with cemetery rehab, playground maintenance and tree removal.
  • Frenchman’s Bay Conservancy: In the summer of 2011, students from Robin’s Nest helped the Conservancy maintain their Tidal Falls location by painting dozens of picnic tables. In the summer of 2012, having proven our good work habits, we will be assisting with trail building in several of the Conservancy’s protected areas.
  • Emmaus House: Most of the produce grown in our organic garden (which is maintained by students) is sent to Emmaus House, a homeless shelter in Ellsworth, Maine.